Sales & Use Tax

You are subject to sales or compensating use tax if you:

  • Purchased an item or service subject to tax that is delivered to you in New York State without payment of New York State and local tax to the seller;
  • Purchased an item or service outside New York State that is subject to tax in New York State (and you were a resident of New York State at the time of purchase) with subsequent use in New York State.

Keeping up to date with your sales tax payments for your business is critical to avoid costly penalties. Just like any other tax, state sales and use tax rates fluctuate from jurisdiction to jurisdiction depending on the service provided. Not filing your sales tax regularly puts your business in high risk for an audit. Thus, it is important to pay all assigned sales tax whether you are a quarterly, monthly or annual filer.

We have expertise in performing and filing sales tax forms in NY, NJ & CT

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