Cloud Computing

Coupled with QuickBooks technologies, our Cloud Accounting System improves security, efficiency and saves time. Working with real-time business transactions requires timely maintenance and effective implementations in order to utilize Cloud bookkeeping live functions. We believe that Cloud Accounting is the future of bookkeeping as we progress into the 21st century. Some of the immediate benefits from using cloud technology include:

  • Improved efficiency and service to our customers
  • Daily bank statement feeds
  • Track status of your customer payments received
  • Employee payroll and timesheet functions
  • Wide range of reporting available with job tags
  • Multi-currency, and inventory and POS systems available
  • No financial outlay of equipment or software
  • Free seamless feature upgrades and backups while you sleep
  • API and Connectors – prevent re-keying of data from one system to another.
  • Bank level security, automated bank and credit card statement feeds for real-time reconciliation
  • Quarterly reviews and reports – reveal the good, the bad, the ugly with income vs. expense comparisons

Get under the bonnet of your business, fine-tune and discuss performance with reporting tools based in real time with QuickBooks Online.  Accessible from anywhere 24/7!

Boyer2 Accountants 4 Steps to Cloud Accounting

  1. Initial complimentary consultation. Our initial meeting is the first step to identify your needs, isolate problematic areas and discuss practical bookkeeping solutions and estimate of costs for you to consider.
  2. Service agreement. Following successful discussions, further information is gathered to set up your cloud file with your business branding
  3. Migration from existing programs to cloud-based accounting.
  4. Make it live!
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