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Retirement Planning: Why it's not so bad to be a Resident of New York after all

As residents of Westchester County there are many options for assisted living and nursing home facilities in nearby CT. However, there are tax reasons you may want your loved one to reside in New York. In New York all Social Security Benefits are subtracted in arriving a taxable income. CT taxes a large portion of the benefits. New York has a $20,0...
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Deadline approaching for Self-Employed Retirement Plan Contribution

Simple ContributionsTiming​ "When do I need to make my SIMPLE Retirment Contribution by for 2019"?Salary reduction contributions to a SIMPLE must be made to the financial institution no later than January 30.Benefits​​ "How much can I contribute to my SIMPLE IRA"?A SIMPLE is a good alternative for a self-employed individual as an alternative t...
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New York State just implemented a tax that might put Vape Shops out of business

BACKGROUND:Vapor product manufacturers such as Juul Labs, as well Marlboro maker Altria Group's Nu Mark have become the hot topic of conversation over the Thanksgiving table due to the increasing nationwide respiratory illness developed by young adults through inhaling a nonflammable liquid and, or gel with or without nicotine that are manufactured...
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Did you owe taxes this year? Here's how to adjust your tax withholding (Step-By-Step Instructions)

As you've seen in our past blogs, the changes to the tax law under President Trump are affecting many Americans withholding's this tax season. Many American's are under withheld and in result seeing more in their paycheck but less come back in April. While you can't go back in time and change your W-4 for this filing season, it is never too early t...
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