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How the IRS will treat your Venmo payments to and from your business?

The convenience of Venmo and digital money exchanging platforms like Zelle and QuickPay has many businesses, both large and small, using the application to make payments to others and to receive payments for their services and/or products. What is Venmo? If you are not familiar with it by now, Venmo is a payment-processing app that allows you ...
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How the government shutdown will effect your tax refund

Today marks the 17 th day of the government shutdown. If the shutdown extends into late January and even February, you should expect to not receive your returns until the government reopens.  President Trump has no tentative date set for the government to reopen until Republicans and Democrats can come to a settlement regarding the Border Wall...
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All you need to know about changes to the Gift Tax under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

'Tis the season for gift-giving to family and friends! Whether it is a small gift to a colleague or a large gift, like helping your daughter buy a house, there are some gifts that the IRS requires you to pay taxes on. With changes made in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, we are here to help you brush up on all the logistics when it comes to taxes on your...
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Whether you have a small gathering at the office or take your employees out to dinner and drinks, it's important to know what you can deduct from your company holiday party.  Under President Trump, important changes have been made to meals and entertainment and it's important to know what qualifies for deduction. WHAT CHANGED? While ...
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