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IRS Correspondence? No problem. We get the job done!

I am pleased to announce we were able to get approximately $40,000 in late filing and late penalties abated for a client, a process which took nearly 18 months. Carefully articulating the circumstances, getting the taxpayer current, and patiently working the IRS, paid off. We have had great success throughout the years handling tax collection cases...
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It an't just beans!

The tax code is often difficult to interpret and apply to client situations. We recently had a situation where conflicting information on a client's Schedule K-1 led to differences of opinion as to taxation related to the Affordable Care Act (the Net Investment Income Tax). Our tax research, with a little help from the tax preparer of the K-1,...
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Sending your child to summer camp may provide tax savings

 When school lets out, kids participate in a wide variety of summer activities. If one of the activities your child is involved with is day camp, you might be eligible for a tax credit! Dollar-for-dollar savingsDay camp (but not overnight camp) is a qualified expense under the child and dependent care credit, which is worth 20% of qualifying e...
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The tax consequences of selling your home

In many parts of the country, summer is peak season for selling a home. If you're planning to put your home on the market soon, you're probably thinking about things like how quickly it will sell and how much you'll get for it. But don't neglect to consider the tax consequences. Home sale gain exclusionThe U.S. House of Representatives' original ve...
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