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Find out how Trump has impacted parents with this tax credit

​This week's blog focuses on one of our favorite changes in the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act (TCJA): Child Tax Credit (CTC). It can be a confusing topic to figure out on your own. In addition to our blog posts, be sure to check out our social media accounts. On Thursdays, we specifically compare the past TCJA to the new one with #ThrowbackThursdays. Bas...
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We are the Accounting firm of the future

Staying up to date with the latest technology is one of our main focuses. It allows us to be more efficient and work towards being the #FirmOfTheFuture. With many technology tools, we can advance our firm and strengthen the relationships with our clients. We strive to have a technology strategy that is fast, easy to use, and gives more options to o...
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Why you may need to make changes to your W-4 withholding forms

Have you looked at the amount you are withholding from your paycheck? You may have noticed an increase in your take home pay this year. Under the new Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, the standard deduction has doubled, personal exemptions have been eliminated and tax rates have dropped. Sounds good, right? The updated 2018 W-4 was not released until M...
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The new Trump tax law provides many benefits for businesses and taxpayers

Businesses Section 199A (Qualified Business Income Deduction) One of our favorite additions! When calculating the "Pass Through Deduction" if your taxable income (line 43 on your 1040) is less than $315,000 married filing joint or $157,500 for other filers you automatically get the 20% deduction of Qualified Business Income (QBI).Once your taxable ...
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